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Best of the Best UK hosting services

Here is my list of the best hosting services I have either used and or using at the present moment. Based on over 20 years of experience from the earliest days of the Internet I know how fraught the choices of hosting services can be and I have made mistakes in the past. At the moment I am using several hosting services all of which I am happy to recommend. The first is a fairly new company SmartHosting, I use their re-seller account for many of my websites and their servers have proven UN-burstable, even loading very large databases with hundreds of thousands of products and they don't crash, most hosting companies would not allow you to run such large databases, and their customer services could not be better, always helpful, always go the extra bit to help and their prices are very reasonable. The second company I would recommend is Hosting24, amazing value for money. I have just renewed my business class re-seller account for a full year and it cost me £90.00. I don't know of any other hosting deal as good, very good customer service and well specified servers, no corners being cut here, highly recommended. The third recommendation is TSOHost. I have only been using this hosting services for the past month specifically their WordPress hosting and it has been a revelation. WordPress hosting on just about all shared hosting can be a nightmare, especially if you intend to use it for e-commerce and run large product feed databases. With TSOHost no problem, at first I loaded a database containing around 30,000 products, this would have sent most shared hosting servers into meltdown, not this time, I ended up loading over 100,000 products and the site still runs fast with no problems, I was amazed. TSOHost is one of the best hosting finds I have had in a long time and they are brilliant value for money to boot. Philip Gahan




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