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Second Hand Gas Cookers - Checkout Our Second Hand Gas Cookers

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Added by Philip Gahan in Gas Cookers
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Second Hand Gas Cookers - - Second Hand Gas Cookers - Checkout Our Second Hand Gas Cookers - Click The Link Above For More Information About Second Hand Gas Cookers.

So you're upgrading your kitchen and your exiting cooker just isn't fitting into the new design. You don't want to spend so much money on a new one, however, your need for appealing aesthetic design forces you to buy a new cooker and your faced with the daunting idea of getting rid of your old one whilst trying not to spend more money of having it collected.

When it comes to bulky items, people rarely bother go out of their way to get rid of it and the 'easy' option is to dump it somewhere, leave it and hope that the council will pick it up when they eventually notice it. This is most commonly known as 'fly-tipping'.'Fly-tipping' is the illegal disposal of any waste on and that is not permitted to accept waste.

With 'fly-tipping', there are many dangers that can threaten the environment especially with cookers and white goods.

'Fly-tipping' poses as a danger to the environment no mater what household items you dump. Small animals, children and even large animals can be caught in fridges, microwaves and other forms of waste. You can be prosecuted for fly tipping and it can result in heavy fines.

After people disconnect their cooker and install a new one using a Gas Safe registered engineer, a lot of people do not know where or how to dispose of their cookers. There are various ways you can dispose of your cooker or make good use out of it without causing harm to the environment.

A popular choice for people is to sell their old cooker so they can get some of the money back they spent on their new cooker. There are many sites that can accommodate this however; you are only advised to sell your cooker if it is in good condition. You should be weary when purchasing a second-hand cooker because there is not always a guarantee that it is safe and in good condition even if it claims to be. Only a Gas Safe registered engineer can deem it safe or not!

Another popular way of getting rid of your cooker is giving it to charity. Sometimes charities take bulky items and will collect it for free to their discretion. This allows someone else to make good use of your cooker.

A brilliant way of getting rid of your previous cooker which I think is one of the best ways is that you can donate it to the 'Furniture Re-use Network' which donates the furniture to low-income families who may not be able to afford a new cooker retail price, this gives the chance for less fortunate families to have a good working cooker for free with your help!

There are on-line ways of directly donating your products as well however, the recipient could be anyone who applies for your item and not necessarily people who have low-income. An example of this is 'freecycle' and 'freegle'.

Sometimes, local authorities do a free collection service of bulky items. This is because a lot of the time people 'fly-tip' their items and dump them in places such as gardens, streets and canals. This poses as a danger to the public and the environment as animals and small children can often be trapped in items. You can apply for an item collection on-line through your local council if you live in the UK and your cooker is often recycled.

Alternatively, you can always take your cooker to a recycling plant near you. These days there are more and more recycling plants opening so there should be one close to you.

There are a large variety of ways you can dispose of your cooker which is environmentally friendly and can also help other people. Make sure that you ensure that you do not dispose of your cooker incorrectly by fly tipping as this can be hazardous. Also, if you know your cooker is not working correctly and is not safe to use, please do not give it to anybody without informing them of the problem.

This article is written by Catherine Aka at Gas Cookers Installation. We are a company that only use gas safe registered engineers for various gas services. If you need more information about cooker disconnecting or disposing of your cooker

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